In the age of big data, identity graphs, universal IDs and more, one might wonder why we still need brand lift surveys or consumers’ opinions to measure ad campaign effectiveness. While quantitative insights delivered via clickstream analytics, like impressions, clicks, hovers, CTRs, and CPCs matter – qualitative data adds just as much value.

Qualitative insights gathered via surveys from consumers on their brand perceptions or future intents are equally as important to understand how digital marketing campaigns contribute to growing brand awareness and positive brand association. Measuring brand lift among exposed and control consumer groups with the help of creative asset tagging, anonymous ID matching, and real-time reporting via APIs makes this type of insights collection a main contributor to the success of any digital campaign.

In the past, the research had to be conducted as pre and post campaign surveys. The process started out by asking publishers to help recruit consumers to participate in the surveys.  Today, with the help of market research firms like Critical Mix and its first-party panels, ad tracking solutions, survey programming and data visualization, lead time and efforts required to prepare for brand lift surveys are significantly shorter. This gives advertisers more time to brainstorm and think about their client.

Asking consumers’ actual opinion on what they think of brand messages and how they want to engage with brands beyond the advertising campaigns brings invaluable insights on which creative asset drives the best KPI or which communication channels/frequency levels are most effective to enhance brand health metrics.

Consumers might click on an ad or visit a website, but that doesn’t mean that they truly like what they see.  We need to learn more about how ad campaigns change their perception of the advertised brand. Are they going to pick the advertised brand from the shelf next time when the competitor is having a sale as well? How does brand perception truly influence human decisions? These are some of the key questions that every marketer needs to understand beyond campaign analytics. Human insights delivered via surveys will continue to have an important role in the digital measurement ecosystem.

Critical Mix is utilizing its global survey panels by launching a new ad effectiveness measurement solution, ADvance, to help digital marketers better understand their campaigns. ADvance brings human insights to the forefront of how digital campaigns truly contribute to the growth and success of brand building efforts. With the help of ADvance, advertisers, agencies, and publishers can identify which elements of the campaign resonate most with the consumers by comparing feedback between the exposed and control survey takers. Leveraging the API integration between Crititcal Mix’s survey programming platform, CMIX, and data visualization with Marketsight tools, advertisers can learn about these insights while the campaign is running and make necessary changes to optimize overall campaign impact.

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