At Critical Mix, our goal has always been to provide the best experience for our survey members, customers and employees. By embracing and quickly adopting new and innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, we can give survey members faster customer support, provide our customers with easier access to project status and enable our employees to more effectively complete everyday tasks.

Earlier this year, we introduced Emily, a chatbot and virtual member care assistant for OneOpinion, our global community of survey members. Leveraging artificial intelligence, Emily was designed to instantly answer basic member questions and provide support at 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

After just a few months, Emily Bot now handles most member support questions on her own. If for some reason she cannot resolve the issue, Emily will collect the appropriate information and pass it on to the human member care team for follow up. She has already solved tens of thousands of requests and has allowed our Member Care team to realize a significant reduction in the amount of time spent towards answering simple requests like resetting passwords, or points awarded for surveys. The team can now focus on resolving more complex issues and engaging with the members. OneOpinion members benefit from faster response times and better overall customer service experience.

Additional benefits of chatbots, like Emily, are that they can be taught anything, they keep getting smarter and never forget what they’ve learned, they are always available and even have a sense of humor.  Rather than replacing humans, bots offer complementary resources that can eliminate mundane tasks, increase productivity and improve overall job satisfaction.

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