I need answers right now, how quickly can you turn a project around?

The On-Demand Economy, as epitomized by companies such as Instacart, TaskRabbit, Uber, Hotel Tonight, and OpenTable, is revolutionizing commercial behavior precisely by focusing on the “right now.” They align with consumers’ growing demand for convenience, speed and simplicity.

On-demand shrinks the gap between what we have already and what we need right now. I own a car, but sometimes I order an Uber because I’m downtown and I need a ride, right now. Maybe you already run a monthly tracking study and you’ve been running that study for three years. Sometimes you might need to gather instant insights to new questions because you need those answers to make new decisions, right now.

At Critical Mix, we often see companies turning to instant insights to make decisions at the speed of business. We developed specific product, called kNOW Instant Insights, precisely for that reason: to help clients quickly generate insights and make fast decisions – within 24 hours.

Two days before the Super Bowl, we helped a client determine whether people would watch the game; whether they would watch from their home, a friend or relative’s home, or a restaurant or bar; whether people predicted New England or Philadelphia would win; and whether people found commercials to be an important part of the Super Bowl experience. We delivered instant insights from a census-balanced, nationally representative sample of U.S. adults exactly when our client needed those answers.

Use cases for micro-surveys and quick insights have always existed, but it was difficult to support those “instant” needs. That’s no longer the case. When you need answers to make important business decisions, right now, statistically significant results are available within 24 hours.

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